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Relationship choices

Essential Question: What skills are needed to create and maintain healthy relationships?

Benchmarks: Understanding and Expressing Feelings, Interactions, Group Roles and Processes

1. Reflecting on the Guiding Questions
  • How does the power to choose affect how we react to events and/or opinions that could influence our decisions? The power to choose affects how we react to events or opinions because we have the power to choose what we will do or say.
  • What strategies are needed to build and enhance our relationships in the family and with our peers? (Think core values/learning habits) We need to be kind, friendly, caring, responsible, we need almost all of the core values.
  • How do we make decisions cooperatively with our family and with our peers? (Think core values/learning habits. We need to listen to them, pay attention, be kind to what they are going to say etc.

2. Six Steps to Making a Good Decision
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Quest 3 - It's Just Teasing... It's Not Like I'm Bullying!

Examples of learning:

Reflecting on the Guiding Questions - use the learning experiences done in class to help guide your answers
  • What is bullying? Bullying is when you put someone down or offend someone for their beliefs, how they act, how they talk etc.
  • What are the different kinds of bullying that we may see of experience in and out of school? Letting someone out of a group, laughing at someones color or hair style, telling people of how bad he does something or how dumb they are.
  • How should we express our feelings in a bullying situation? (Think about the HA HA SO strategies) We should just leave it and ignore it, laugh at it and go with the flow, or stand up for yourself.
  • What strategies could we apply for resolving conflict? (Think about the scenarios you acted out in class) laugh at it, go with the flow, move in a big group, make the bully confused, ask an adult, etc.

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