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Wellness choices

How do our choices affect our health and safety?

Benchmarks: Personal Health, Safety and Responsibility

Quest 1 - The Power to Choose

1. Values and beliefs effect our choices because: imagine you have a belief to not kill people you will not try to kill a person, but someone how has a belief to kill a person will probably kill a person.

2. My personal behaviour can impact my actions in these ways: if you always behave in a mean like way you have more chances of doing or saying things like, bad words, hitting people, etc., than a person how acts in a kind manner.

3. The skills that are needed to make responsible choices are: good behaviour, positive attitude, smart thinking, being a trustful person, being a truthful persons, and to always be smiling.

4. Decisions having consequences

-Every decision has a consequence even the positive ones but the positive ones have good consequences, the bad decisions have a horrible consequence, EX: you throw a rock at your cars window, it will probably break and your parents will get mad at you for doing that, but instead you can throw a rock at the ground and your parents will not get mad at you. So always choose the positive decision not only for you but also for other people.

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  1. Hi Antony, I wonder, what values and beliefs would affect our choices in positive ways? What could be examples of behaviours that could result in positive actions? Think critically about the power to choose and how your decisions affect not only you, but others around you. The next time we reflect on Personal Wellness Choices, be sure to describe in more detail the examples of activities we did in class and how your participation during those activities helped further your understanding of personal wellness choices.