sábado, 11 de outubro de 2014

Band 1st Quarter

This quarter in band we learned a lot about the Trumpet. (Duh) We learned about how to play the notes and how to read the notes on the sheet. We also learned about other instrument, like flute, we learned that the air in a flute goes like this picture
and we also learned that the flute is the instrument that uses the most air to play. 

The thing that I most liked about band this quarter was the class. Because in my opinion the Trumpets were the funniest because we kept making jokes and other stuff with Trumpet juice. We also did other things like we are doing a program named smart music, which basically lets you do your assignments without the book right in front of you. 

My goals for this quarter are... fro me to stop laughing so much in class and to stop talking as much. My second goal is to practice more. And my third is to be the best that I can be. I think that my highest learning habit is Curiosity because I talk and ask questions but not as much as I can. And I think that my weakest is Responsible, because I don't bring my practice record because I think that I will be humiliated if they know that I didn't practice much.

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