terça-feira, 7 de outubro de 2014

Humanities SLC, first period

This quarter in Humanities learned a lot of things about writing and how to make a compare and contrast essay. Also I wrote a 5 paragraph essay about one of the two main characters in Ties that bind, Ties that break and how they influenced the main character Ailin. Also I have learned 3 tactics that helped me create my essay. The 3 elements that helped me create my blog post are Transition words, the second was the character traits on Big Uncle and Father, and the last one is the meetings we had with are literature circle groups.

The first one that helped me make my essay better were transition words. Transition words are like so on, also, then, even though, in addition, first, second, last, lastly etc. Transition words helped me because it made my essay more smooth and better when I was connecting sentences together. Transition words also helped me in the essay because if I didn't have the Transition words my essay would be all mixed up and confusing.

The second is the Character traits for Father and Big Uncle. If I didn't have the character traits for Father and Bug Uncle I couldn't do my essay because the key part of the essay was the character traits. If I didn't have my character traits I could not answer my questions for the essay so the character trais were crucial for creating the essay. And lastly, the character traits were important and helpful to make my essay better and more sturdy and more understandable for my essay.

Last But not least, one of the three elements that were more helpful to me was the literature circle groups. The literature circle groups helped me to understand the book better in a lot of ways. The first way was for the book to be clearer for me even though this is my second time reading the book. The second is It helped me to gain a better understanding and a better realisation in the book. The third is, it helped my to develop my thinking skills in when I need to read books and right a summary and a essay about it. Fourth, it helped me develop my inclusiveness, my curiosity, and my risk taking skills. Inclusiveness because it made me listen to other people and "share the floor". Curiosity because I needed to look for more text that sometimes people that don't read that carefully see. And Risk taking because maybe my ideas where different from other peoples and that might have made people think that I was a nerd.

And the last one of all is my goal for the 2nd quarter.
My goal for the second quarter is to become a better reader and writer in skill and attentiveness. My second goal is to pay more attention if I sit next to my friends. My third goal is for me to not get late one more time and to finish all my homework in time. And in this quarter I want to do my best and never give up in anything that I do, even though it might ruin my reputation or make my grade go down. Because my Ultimate goal in everything is to do my best in my life, and to become a Doctor.
But my Ultimest Ultimate goal in my life isn't to become a Doctor or to do my best, but to raise a family, read the Book of Mormon as many times as I can, and to follow Jesus Christ and God the Eternal father, and to do what ever they desire me to do.

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