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Looking for Patterns in Math

Patterns are all around us they are in nature in your face even in foods. But my favourite and the hardest for me is Pascals Triangle. To figure out the pattern in Pascals Triangle you first have to add the number beside it to get the answer. Take a look at number 2 in the third row, right beside it there is a 1, then add the 1 and the 2 and right under it put a 3 and doing this pattern to get the answer. This Triangle goes on for ever. My second favourite pattern and my last one is the Fibonacci Sequence. Which is the Picture below the Triangle. The Fibonacci Sequence is the easiest pattern for me, it goes like this 1+1+2+3+5+8+13... To figure out this pattern you have to add the 1 with the other 1 to get the 2, then add the 2 with the 1 beside it to get the 3 then add the 2 with the 3 to get the 5. So the only thing that you do in this Pattern is add the number 
beside it.

These problems were easy for me but I still got them wrong, because I was thinking of another method. And the ways that these problems were easy for me because of just thins. A. On number 10. I got it wrong because I wrote 6 to the power of 2 and did the problem like that but I got it wrong, so know I learned by my mistakes. B. On the one that says 15 in Black, I got confused on negatives and positives and then I blacked out so thats why I got it wrong, but if I didn't blackout I am sure that I would have gotten it right. 

This test was hard for me but I think that my best character trait is Curiosity because I am really wanting to know how to do these problems but I just don't have the courage to ask them. This type problem was hard for me because I didn't know how to do this problem. (well obviously) Second because it was confusing how the problem was set up and all. And third for me at the time of the test the problem was confusing and all of it was mixed up in my Brain. This is how you do them. On question B. all of it has to add up to 180 because of the the perpendicular line. then you get the number that is shown, lets say 120 (don't Know) and then you figure out how much can go in until 180. Then you divide that number by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.

And the last thing is, that I really want to become better in Math because its my weakest subject and I know that I could and would be important in my life. The goals I have for Math is this, first I want to study more and become better, second I want to learn as much as possible, and third I want to be the best I can even though I fail. And I think that my highest learning habit is Curios, because I really want to Know Math better even though it is hard for me, I am trying to be the most Curios that I can in Math class. And I think that my lowest learning habit is responsible, because I really forget my pod almost all of the time. And I want to get better at this by bringing my pod to Math class all of the time. 


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