quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2014

Science Rules!!!

This Quarter in Science I learned a lot of things. On this SLC post I will tell what I learned and how I feel about Science. I will also tell what my strongest core values and my weakest. And what are my goals for the second quarter. And lastly videos and photos of me and my group working in the lab.

The first thing that I learned in Science is the Science lab tools. The second thing that I learned is how to transfer liquids from one container to the other. The third thing that I learned in Science is safety with glass, safety with gasses, basic safety rules in the lab, and safety with electricity. Another thing that I learned in Science is about mass and weight. And the last thing that we learned in this first quarter is about Acidic, Alkaline and Neutral Chemicals, and what they are.

What I feel about Science, is kind of a mixed feelings. In the beginning of the year I was so exited for Science and I thought that we were going to dissect an animal and explode chemicals. Now I think, ok first we are going to learn the basics then we will, Explode stuff, but you never know, I might be wrong. But right now I feel great about Science, it is really fun and I love doing videos and experiments with my friends. I also think Science as game of cards there are the fun parts and there are the bad parts.

My goals for this quarter is to become a better observer and to right and ask more questions. I also want to try my best and do the best I can, then I know that I can do better in Science then in the beginning of the year. And my last goal is to be more concentrated because I tend to doese off when I am working. And I think that my highest learning habit is Curiosity because I really love Science and I want to learn from it as much as I can. And I think that my weakest learning habit is risk taker, because I really do not make risks, I am one of those nervous students that always do the right thing.

Video of my group doing a Science video.

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