sexta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2014

This year in Health

This year in Health we learned a lot of thing about (well) your Health. But I want to be more specific so this is what we actually learned about our Health. First we had a clearer idea about the learning habits. Second we learned about how drugs affect your body. Third we learned about bulling and how to stop it. Forth we learned about, how much sleep you need each night and what stress is and what it can do to you.

This is the link to one of my blogposts that is called CSI CSI stands for Color, Symbol, Image. I did this project because it demonstrates what I think the color, Symbol, and Image of what I think Health stands for.

Health was really fun and my favourite thing from it was the role plays about bulling. The first role plat was about this... you have an app that lets you post anything anonymously, what would you post?
I was the victim and I needed to make a funny face so that they could post it. (we didn't take a picture or posted one) And the last role pay that we did was about a girl named ashley and that she was bullied because she was fat and from what she brought every day to lunch. Again I was the victim in this role play. Oures was the funniest because I wore a jacket to be fat, and I rolled up my socks and pants to look like a nerd.

And lastly these are my goals for Health this quarter. The first goal is to ask more questions because I was really invisible in the whole class. And my last goal is to be my best. And I think that my highest learning habit is responsible because I always bring my materials. And I thank that my lowest is Curiosity because I do not talk in class.

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