segunda-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2014

How can math change the world?

  • New technology
  • New medicines and cures can be discovered 
  • Methods for saving energy or creating energy might be discovered 
For me math can make me change my actions, by telling me how much water I wast every time I take a shower or how much energy I use every time I turn on my compute. This moth I did an Experiment to show how much water me and my family waste every day while taking a shower. This is what I got...

While we did the experiment we were supposed to take a selfie of us with the bucket of water that we filled. This is the picture...

In geogebra we did a graph of our experiment this is the graph...

Picture of me learning:

Question: How could you improve your study? What "next thing" could you study, or what questions does it raise?
Answer: I think that when I was doing the Experiment I could go a little further in the time so I could get an exact number. Or during the test I could have put marks on my bucket, so finding out how much water I waste in one minuet would go faster. The questions that I have are, what if I did not get the exact number?
Question: Does the test that you made changed your actions?
Answer: Yes. Right now I am taking a 5 minuet shower instead of a 10 minuet shower.

Besides with knowing the math and numbers on water usage, I wonder if math could change my actions in other areas. I decide to check out my learning habits and compare them to my summative grades. Was there any connection?

For me Apparently my learning habits do affect my summative because in band I got a 16 on my learning habits and a 6 on my summative and in health I got a 10 on my learning habits and a 3 on my summative.

Question: Does the math make me change my actions? Or at least my thinking?
Answer: It definitely makes me change my actions and my thinking because I don't want to get low scores and now I know what classes I need to be better at.

And lastly, How can math change the world?

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