quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2015

Observing Elodea, Onion and Cheek cells

Before we looked at the Elodea, Onion And Cheek cells I thought that All of them would have a Nucleus, well guess what... I was right, Duh!!! And Before we looked at the cells I had to wright three parts of the cell and their function I choose the Nucleus as the Brain, Mitochondria produces heat and protein, and the cell wall that protects the cell. But what I really want to know is what are unique parts of each of the three cells, This is what I got, Elodea and Onion Chloroplast, Cheek, Mitochondria??? Which of the three cells can produce photosynthesis? The Onion and the Elodea cell because they have Chloroplast. What is the easiest cell part that you can see in the Cheek and Onion cell? The answer is the Nucleus. What is the easiest cell part that you can see in the Elodea cell? That is the Chloroplast.Elodea cell

Alex Cheek cell

Drawing of Elodea Cells

Drawing of Onion cells

Drawing of Cheek Cells

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