quinta-feira, 12 de março de 2015

PI day

Once in 100 years
Pi day comes around every 100 years. And every 100 years it lands on the same year, month, day, hour, minute, second, and mil-second, just 100 years later so if Pi day landed on 2015 (Which it did) the next Pi day will land on 2115. The number Pi becomes a date because its first 12 digits become a date so 3.14159265358. Also Pi day is Albert Einstein's Birthday. That is Why Pi day is so special.
My Pi day picture.


How can we get a more accurate number of Pi???
In Geogebra we tried to figure out a better and more accurate number for Pi. What we did was we built shapes with 4 sides, 6 sides, 8 sides, 10 sides, 12 sides, 20 sides, 100 sides and 200 sides but for fun I built one that had 10,000 sides. When we finished with that we had to find the longest diagonal and then the longest perimeter. And then Divide the diagonal and the Perimeter with each other. My closest callculation to Pi was my 200 sided shape. This is a picture of my work.

How do we calculate Pi???
To calculate Pi you need to find the Circumference and the Diameter and then Divide them by each other and then you get Pi for that circle. Me and my group we created a video about how you calculate Pi. (There are some errors)

Why so Irrational???
Why is Pi irrational and not rational? Pi is irrational because it is a never ending number that never repeats its self. Example: a rational number is 3.25252525252525252525252525252525252525255252. And a Irrational number is something like this: 3.284992905724729776529286492008465562011169299856.
Also Pi can never be described as a fraction like 22/7 because a fraction ends at one point that is why computers are figuring out new ways to calculate Pi.

What is it good for anyway???
Right now sometimes Pi appears in the findings of planets and in the way that DNA folds. And it appears in the most powerful particle collider. It also appears when Scientists are studying Crickets. And Also it appears in Magnetism. It also appears in Engineering and in the Development of Medicine. (According to CNN)

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  1. You should change the pi day happens only every 100 years it happens every year, but this year and every 100 after it is special.

  2. add a bit more about the process like how we got the pi's and what was your closest to pi.

  3. talk about 22/7 as a fraction for pi.

  4. good job at the last part it was really cool I didn't know about that stuff.