terça-feira, 31 de março de 2015

Science SLC

This quarter in Science we studied about cells and Photosynthesis. We learned about the parts of the cells and what each part does. And we learned about what Photosynthesis is and what it creates and what parts of the cell make photosynthesis possible.
                  I think that my core values score was 4 for curious, 3 for risk taker/perseverent, 4 on responsible, and a 4 on inclusive. I think that I got those scores because during class I would ask questions, and I also think that I got a 3 for risk taker and perseverent because I would ask questions and I would keep doing something even if I got that question wrong, but I could improve in this Core value. I think that I got a 4 on responsible because I would always come to class prepared. And I think that I got a 4 on Inclusive because I would work together in my group and if someone was left out I would let them do something.
                  I think that I improved in a lot of thing this quarter and that I learned a lot of things too and mt proof of this is my photosynthesis project. Photosynthesis project.
                  I think that I could improve in my reaction skills because when the teacher asks us to do something I would sit in my chair for a while and then I would start to do my work.
                  My goal for this year is, when the teacher asks me to do something immediately do it and don't sit there for awhile and then do it.      

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