terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2015

Band this Quarter

I think this video shows my musical strengths because this song is fast and someone that can not play the trumpet very well they can not play this song.
The area that is difficult to me is the high notes because my cheeks start hurting after a while.
I think that my core values for this quarter in band were Responsible: 2 Curious: 4 Risk taker/ persevere: 4 and inclusive: 3. I think I got these scores because during the quarter I have been a risk taker and during the quarter I think I got a 2 on responsible because I didn't bring my practice records so that is why I think I got a 2. And on the other two I think I got this score because I think I have been inclusive during the year and I asked a lot of questions when I had them.
I think that this has impacted other units because I have been more concentrated in other classes and I think that is is because of band. 
And I think that I have become better in playing the trumpet because I am reaching notes I didn't even know existed so that is why I think I have grown and also I am playing songs I could not play. 


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