quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2015

SLC Humanities

In humanities this quarter we learned and did a lot of things. We learned about why industrialization helped the world. And, we learned about Industrialization and what it is. We also learned about the down effects of Industrialization. And, at the end of the quarter we created a 5 paragraph essay about why Industrialization was good or bad.

In the 5 paragraph essay I did have some grammatical mistakes like Periods and commas and capitalization. And I think I can do better on that.

I think that I would like to grow on my grammar skills because I did have a lot of grammatical mistakes on my 5 paragraph essay. So I think that I can improve on that.

I think that my core values this quarter were Responsible: 4 Curious: 3 Risk taker/Perseverent: 3 Inclusive: 4. I think that I got these scores because I always would come to class prepared. And I think that I got 3 on Risk taker/ Perseverent because I didn't persevere as much this quarter than in other quarter so I gave myself a 3.  And I think I got a 3 on curious because I didn't ask a lot of questions. And I think that I got a 3 on Inclusive because I would Include everyone in my group and also because we didn't do any group work

My goal for this quarter is to study more grammar so that I wont have a lot of mistakes later on if I have to do a long essay like this one. And I think that another goal that I want to have this quarter is to read more of my books.

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