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Reflection on The City Of Ember critique.

           In Humanities we had to do a critique of what was better the book The City Of Ember, and the movie of the book. For me the movie was better than the book. Then we had to find 3 reasons why the movie or the book was better. Mine were, the action, the description of characters, and the description of characters, and the new scenes that they put in the movie. Then for those 3 reasons we had to right events from the movie or the book to support it. And after we finished we did a reflection and graded ourselves with the grades that we think we got.

Ideas: On ideas I graded myself a 4 because my Ideas weren't that good, but they were good. What I mean is that on my ideas I could have gone a little deeper and thought about it more. Also I tried to connect my Ideas to my claim, but I could have done better by going into it a little deeper.

Organisation: I think that in my organisation I did really well, but I could have made it a little more organised by putting subtitles to name what I was going to talk about next. So that is why I graded myself a 4. Also I think that my transitions could have been better because I would sometimes repeat transitions and even when I was writing this critique I could notice that, but I didn't fix all of the transitions.

Conventions: On the convention I graded myself a 3. I graded myself that because I am not really good at grammar and I could tell by reading my critique that I didn't do well on my Grammar. Lets take for example my punctuation. I do not think I did well on my punctuation, if I could change something in my critique it would be my punctuation.

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