domingo, 17 de maio de 2015

Tiny House Research

          According to a Tiny house usually costs about $200-$400 per square feet. This might be a lot for only one square feet, but if you have a 300 square feet house it will cost about $60,000. Ms. Murray give us a higher salary!!!! And also According to, a tiny house has about 120 square feet. So if we times 200 and 120 together our tiny houses will cost about $24,000 Again raise our salary!!!
And also people live in tiny houses in the forest or in the suburban area of a city. 
According to it says that people could start using the small structures or the homeless.
            This Project really interested me, one of the reasons that it did that is because I learned that you can have a small house and still have a pretty comfy house. Also because you don't need a big house to "be happy" you an have a tiny house and also be happy.

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