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Smart for quarter

                                                                                                             Name: Antony Aidukaitis     SMART Goal for First Semester

SMART Goal Qualities
Your Own
S- specific
I will participate in Science class.
I will complete my pediatric neurosurgery book in 1 year or less.

M- measurable
I will track each time I participate appropriately in class by making a tally mark in the front of my notebook for that day.
I will know that I completed my goal if I read the book and learned more about Anatomy than I know today.
A- attainable
I will take notes on my ideas before class so I am prepared with something to add to the topic.
I will make notes on my computer of what I learned from every single page of the book.

R- results based
I will track my scores under “Curious” in my Habits of Learner on Veracross to see if I am improving.
I will talk to my brother so that I can show someone what I have learned and if what I learned is correct.

T- time bound
I will strive for at least 12 tally marks in my notebook each week.
I will try to read at least 1 page of the book per day.

Complete Goal Statement:
Combine the ideas above into one statement.
I will finish my Anatomy book in 1 year or less, by making notes on my computer about everything that I learned from every page, and then talking too my brother about everything that learned from the pages that I read so that when I do not finish the book, I finish it with the most possible things learned from the book.  

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