quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2015

Work hard and you shall accomplish

          In Humanities we had to explain our entire life (until now) in a 6 word memoir. Before I started my memoir I brainstormed some ideas so that making the memoir would be much easier. My 6 word memoir was, Work hard and you shall accomplish. I choose this because my entire life had to work hard in almost everything, especially in school.

          I also think that the core value that I most used was responsible, because I came to school late and when everyone was done doing this I was starting it. I also think I demonstrated a little curiosity, because on my brainstorming I put ideas from 4 years back, like going to Argentina. I also put my dream of becoming a Neurosurgeon or a Trauma expert.


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  2. Dear Anthony, I really liked your blog post because you were able to resume all your ideas in a very direct and quite interesting way just like you, very direct, but interesting. Also, I really like that you have stated your dream because you have to be very precise to become a Neurosurgeon and that is why you have been working so hard to accomplish this dream. So, Anthony one thing I noticed in your blog post was you missed some punctuation and sometimes the text didn't flow so well, but other then that your text was great!!!

  3. Dear Antony, I really admire that you chose your 6 word memoir thinking about your dream, which is becoming a Neurosurgeon or a Trauma expert. That is really cool because I have never met anyone who wants to be a Neurosurgeon or a Trauma expert. I think that your 6 word memoir really is inspiring and something that I will always keep in my mind. One thing that I noticed is that you said that you demonstrated responsibility because you got to school late, but I don't think that coming to school late is responsible. In overall, I really liked your post and how you connected your six word memoir to you dream profession. Amazing job Antony!