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At Home Student Reflection
Make a copy of this document, add your name to the title and then share it with your advisor.

Oct 13th & 15th - Collect and Reflect

Think about all of the work that you have done this semester in your classes. Collect three examples for your showcase. The examples could be blog posts, google docs/presentations, images of artwork, music recordings, videos etc etc

Example of Excellence Link:
Why are you proud of this work?
I am proud of this work because when Mr. Pro presented this test too the first classes all the kids said that the test was super hard and that you have to study a lot too get a good score in this test.  They also said that this test would was one of the hardests test of the year. And I am proud of this score because I didn't study so much and I didn't do a lot to study for this test and I got a good score.   
Example of Growth Link:
I used to think…… That I was horrible in my mini myth presentation and that I would be even worse in my personal book presentation. And I knew this would happen if I didn't get help. So I asked my dad too help me in my presentation and he told me to act it out. I also thought that I could not do good in a presentation and that I could never do good in a presentation.

Now I think……. That without help from my dad I would not get the score that I got in my summative. I also think that if I get stuck on something I should ask someone for help because I know that I will not be able to do good in something that I do not know how to do it without help. I also know think that I can do much better in presentations if I just let myself go with the flow when I am doing the presentation.

Example of Challenge Link:
Which learning habits might help you overcome this challenge?

I think that this is an example of challenge because this summative was really hard and it took me a lot of work to finish my part of the presentation, but I think I got this score because everyone in my group was mean too me and they would always judge me and put me down. But after this I created a slideshow that I think did better than my previous slideshow.

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