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Egg Baby Reflection

1)    What did you like about being an egg baby parent? Give examples.
I really liked how we actually took care of "babies" for this project. And I also liked how we didn't get to choose our gender so it was like we actually had a baby and we had to take care of it. I also liked how we couldn't let the baby get hurt and if it did we had to go to the nurse and put band-aids on them.  I also liked how it was really realistic, so we had to feed the baby, don't let the baby suffocate and have quality time with the baby. 

2)    What activities or responsibilities did you find difficult? Explain why.
I thought that it was really difficult for us to take care of the baby because it would always get in our way for school work. It would also be really annoying to carry it around because when I was closing a door my finger was gonna get smashed so I quickly pulled my hand away and in doing so one of my eggs fell. 

What do you think it would be like being a real teen parent? 
I think that it would be really hard to be a teen parent because you would have to carry the baby everywhere you go. It would also distract you from studying. The baby would also waste a lot of money because of diapers and other necessary baby material. 

How would a real baby change your own teen life?
I think that having a baby while in high school will damage your social life because no one will hang out with you anymore and also people would pick on you for having a baby in high school. This would also make studying harder for you.  

Choose one Core Value/learning habit that shows what you learned about being an Egg Baby Parent.  Explain why this core value represents your experience.
think that I have learned to be more Responsible. I believe this because, to take care for an egg baby you need to carry it everywhere you go. You also can't make it fall on the ground if not it'll break. 

Choose one Core Value/learning habit that you could improve on.  Explain your answer

Responsible. I think that I could have improved in being a little more responsible because I did let one of my egg babies break. But I did wake up 3 times to check on my egg baby. 

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