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Improv Reflection

What have we done in this course?
We have done multiple games to Improve our collaboration and creativity.
 What have you particularly enjoyed? Explain why you liked this. 
I liked to do all of the games because it was a fun time to learn what each one of us liked to do. We also got to know other people. 
What things have you not necessarily enjoyed? 
I enjoyed everything there was nothing that I didn't like.
What suggestions do you have for next semester?
I have no suggestions.
How have you improved in this course?
I think that I improved in my creativity because in the start I couldn't do the Mad minutes but know I can do it quickly and more creatively.
 What have you learned/realized about yourself as a performer?
I realized that I can be really funny in the darkest parts in the scene. I also realized that I am really sarcastic during the scenes. 
 How have you realized this?
I realized this because when I look back to the beginning I was really shy and I wouldn't say anything, but now I say a lot and I am not shy. 
Which of the Improv Rules do you think you are successful with? Explain.
I think that I am successful with being creative because at the beginning I wouldn't say anything, but now I can say anything, I can be anything, I can make anything out of a scene. And I can show this because when we were doing our first Lunchtime Laughter, I think I really did good during freeze I got the shoe and it would look like a dead end, but then I lifted it up in the air to say that I wanted to keep the shoe and the only way for them to get it back was supposed to knock me down.       
 Which do you feel like you need to work on?
I think that I need to work on being a little bit more inclusive because sometimes I would take the show and leave everyone behind. 
 What goals do you have for yourself in this course?
I think that my goal is to be more Inclusive so that I don't take the show. I think I need to get better at this because then everyone doesn't do anything when they're in the stage with me. 
Overall what grade do you think you should get?
I think that I should get at most a 5 because I do really good at somethings, but on the other hand I can do really bad on other aspects. 

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