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Reflection on Debate subject about whether we should carry handguns or not

        This quarter in Humanities we did a debate on a subject that we were really passionate about, my subject was supporting guns in the world. In Humanities we also practice ACEing arguments. We learned that to ACE an argument you have to Answer the question, Cite resources, and Explain why your citation is good and explain its relevance. And ACEing an argument will make your argument look and sound more professional, it will also make your argument stronger.
        I think that ACEing an argument on a piece of paper is easier than ACEing it Orally. I believe this because everytime I try to ACE Orally I fail pretty badly, but if I try to ACE an argument on paper I am much much better. I think that making an ACE orally is harder because you don't have time to think and also when you say it, you can't go back so you have a higher percentage rate of messing up than if you would do it on paper. I think that if you focus on the following core values, making an ACE statement will be much easier: Curious. I think that when you are ACEing you need to be curious because the more outside the box your ACE is the harder it is to counter it.
        During and after the debate I had 5 words to describe my feelings these are my 5 words with reasons why I choose these words. During the debate I felt really NERVOUS because we had to present to the whole class. My second word is CONFIDENCE, I am using this word because even though I was nervous I was really confident with my part because I practiced a lot, so I felt really confident. My third word is funny. I know that this word is kind of weird for me to use in this type of reflection, but I am using this word because most of the arguments that the weaker and less prepared people used were really FUNNY and really obvious for a debate. My fourth word is PREPARED. I am using this word because to be good at the debate you need to be prepared and if you're not prepared you would fail badly. And my fifth word is REBUTTAL. I am using this word because during the debate my job was to do the rebuttal so this is why I am putting this word on the list.

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