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Social Studies Reflection

I think that the most interesting thing about this project was creating the Infographic because we had a large variety of formats to choose for our infographic and I choose a news paper format too show how Kenneth Kaunda was a Totalitarian Dictator. This project helped me show my learning a lot because we were able to show what we learned in a way that was interesting and fun, only thing I should have done was read the Rubric before I started the Infographic so that I could have a better vision on what I should have done better.While doing this project I learned that I could have gotten a better grade if I just READ THE FREAKING RUBRIC! Most of my mistakes were addressed in the rubric so if I read the rubric I would have not made those mistakes. I really enjoyed this infographic because we could show our teacher our way of thinking and what is happening in our brains so that our teacher can know what he needs to do so that we can work better and understand the material better.

This assessment did not allow me to show my learning clearly because I have a lot of trouble writing my ideas down into a paragraph or anything. This assignment showed me that I have trouble writing down my ideas because every time I try to correct my work I always make it worse. Lastly, in my opinion this was my weakest assignment because I was not able to hit a grade that I thought showed how much I learned.


This debate was a fun way to show our learning about the material, everything was clear but I messed up big because I lost the paper with all the information about my party so for most of the questions that they gave me I said the first thing that popped on my head regarding to the problem that they gave me.
I really enjoyed this assessment because it was hilarious to get people triggered at us because we wouldn't give them what they wanted.

The variety of assessments this year helped me and hindered me. First of all the variety of assessments made this semester fun and interesting, but when I finally got used to the assessment that we previously did we changed it and I had to learn another way of showing my learning and it got really confusing.
I am 100% certain that the debate clearly showed my learning the best because I LOVEEEEE arguing with people to decide who is wrong or right, and I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I WIN! (I feel sorry for a lot of my friends)
I believe that this semester I have grown a lot as a student and as a person because in social studies we learned about the atrocities of people throughout the year. And lastly I learned that I HAVE TO READ THE FREAKING READ THE RUBRIC, and if I don't I will not know the expectations of the assignment.

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