terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017

P.E. Tchoukball reflection

  1. Describe 3 things that you or your team did during the Tchoukball activities to be more inclusive/demonstrate fair-play.
Our team during Tchoukball would try to pass to everyone and include everyone, I personally wouldn't force people to play a specific position I would give suggestions on what to do so that our team would do better in the game. Also during the game most of the time when people would tell me to switch the side of the game I would switch and I would pass to the person who was in a better position to score or pass to someone else. 
  1. Did these things make a difference to your team/the game/the class environment?
I believe that fair play and inclusiveness really change the environment of the class because people would go into the game with a positive mindset and they would play to have fun and people would fight as much in the game. 
  1. Explain why fair-play is important in the rest of your life, and not just in PE classes.
Fair play is really important in real life because it helps people to like you and for them not to get annoyed. This may also help you so that you don't get in trouble in games and it will help you be a better person overall.
  1. Thinking about fair-play/teamwork, Is there anything that you will do try to do differently during our next unit of Beach Tennis?
I believe that fair play will help us to be inclusive and for us to be better students in our next unit of beach tennis.

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