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Junior Band reflection - March 2017 Individual growth

The video didn't download Mr. Stange.

  1. How does it show your musical strengths? This shows my musical strength because this song had a newly introduced rhythm to it and in my opinion I believe I did really well on it.
  2. Which areas remain a challenge for you? The rhythm in measure 3
  3. Which learning habits, or core values are you utilizing? Perseverance because I had to re-submit this 3 times to finally get it right.
  4. How is this experience impacting your learning in other classes and activities? Perseverance, because after I finally finished this project I was really happy with my hard work.
  5. Listen to one of your first semester assignment pieces; In what ways has your playing improved since then? I believe that my sound is coming out way better than before, and I think that i'm able to hit higher notes than in the beginning of the year. And lastly I think that i'm able to play faster songs than before.

  • How much time are you spending to develop your musical skills outside of class? On my good days (well i don't have any proof because I always forget to turn in practice records) but I TRY to practice until i'm tired each day.
  • How engaged are you during rehearsals? I am always engaged but sometimes I talk with the people around me when were not playing.
  • How well do you support the efforts of others in the class? I TRY to support the efforts of others but sometimes I get shy and I don't tell them if they missed a note or if they played it wrong.
  • Are you always on time and prepared to start when class begins? Yes. I try to be prepared and bring my trumpet to class every time.
  • What is the most important thing that you add to the class? Me actually playing my instrument.
  • What change can you personally make that will improve the Junior Band experience for all its members? Practice, practice, practice.

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