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Health Teen Changes

Topic: Engaging in dating relationships

1) What do you think are the most intense emotional, social or physical challenges for Grade 8 teens? 
Explain Why.
I believe that the most intense social emotional and physical challenges for 8th grade teens today is dating relationships. Our emotions change a lot throughout these times and that means having amplified feelings of affection towards someone which can lead to a dating relationship. But it gets complicated when someone asks someone out and they say no, because all these feeling that you feel for someone never will be shared with someone that you love.

2) How can we deal with this type of pressure or expectations? Give some tips!

My personal opinion on this situation is just wait, your like 13 and probably don't even know what love is. Instead focus on school and at the least start dating when your 16. And if everyone in your school is starting to date people then ok good for them but I truly think its dumb and a horrible idea. It wont really affect your life too because the soul purpose of dating is for you to find someone to marry in the future, and honestly good luck finding your soul mate when your 13. But please note that there is no problem with feeling affection towards people just wait until your 16 to start dating.

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