quinta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2017


          I have chosen to make a play on a specific scene in the novel To kill a mockingbird. One scene that I find particularly confusing was the attack scene on Scout and Jem by Bob Ewell. No one really knows basic details like who got attacked first, how did Bob Ewell die and where did Boo Radley suddenly pop out of. Now my goal of this play is to bring even more confusion by replicating the scene and all of its possible outcomes. For example for the take I am planning to make Bob Ewell attack Scout first and then attack Jem with Bob accidentally falling and killing himself on the knife, then later Boo Radley comes to save them. Which is what everyone think has happened. But on the second take I would make Boo Radley attack Jem first and then Scout screaming and Boo Radley knocking the air out of Bob and saving both children. Also a viable option. And lastly I would have Bob attack Scout first, Jem saving scout and in the process killing Bob by self defence. Which is what Atticus thought.
          Now my goal in doing this is to give the audience a visual of what happened. This would make them decide for themselves what happened instead of the novel manipulating us into thinking that Bob died on accident. This would get the audience to think about what actually happened on that night. Bring in another light to the scene which in my opinion would increase the doubt and meaning of that scene.
          I was inspired to do this for my love of Theater and also because of our discussion that we had in class about that scene. I could see that everyone was doubtful with the attack and what actually happened and I hope that this movie would get them even more confused. But the good type of confused, I want them to think about the scene and create their own interpretation of it.

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